Attentive and customized service ready to gain and keep the client's confidence

Huck Otranto Camargo has its own model of organization, based on a strong culture of society, total transparency as well as on a sense of responsibility, combined with the trust and mutual respect that characterizes social relations.
This model has, since the foundation of the firm, prioritized knowledge qualified by experience and the constant search for improvement and academic updating. This approach allows us to provide clients with a highly professional and competent service.
The client is always the focus and will have access at all times to the attorneys responsible for their case, with constant monitoring and receiving all necessary information.


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Whatever their level of seniority, all Huck Otranto Camargo attorneys are effectively partners

The corporate culture, based on full transparency, is directed towards creating and nurturing long-term, respectful and trusting relationships.


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Huck Otranto Camargo works in the main areas of law, with emphasis on litigation and arbitration, corporate, contractual, tax, real estate, labor, entertainment, media, technology, internet and sports, intellectual property, family and inheritance, bankruptcy and administrative law.

Under its own management model, the law firm has an original career plan in tune with the entrepreneurial spirit of its members since the moment they join the firm.

Trainees are treated as potential members. Their training aims to progressively engage them in all stages of a case, from research to defining and performing the most appropriate strategy. The organization of teams and sectors allows trainees to have contact with lawyers from other areas, enabling them to identify their area of interest. The aim is to provide everyone with the chance for intensive learning to complement their university studies and prepare them professionally for new challenges and responsibilities.


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