Huck Otranto CamargoHuck Otranto CamargoHuck Otranto Camargo - 30 anosHuck Otranto Camargo - 30 anos


History and Identity

Huck Otranto Camargo was founded by lawyers with long academic and professional experience and many years of relationships, among them the late Fabio Lilla, and the active Marcelo Huck, Raquel Otranto, Estela Camargo and Paulo Messina.

The founders and partners in these 30 years of work are identified by their ethics, enthusiasm and willingness to act in their clients’ interests.

The client is at the center of our practice. Our mission is to get to know each client as a whole in order to attend all their needs, anticipating problems and delivering efficient solutions through versatile and interdisciplinary approach.

Our organization operates with transparency and a sense of responsibility, enabling lawyers – most of whom have been here since their trainee days – to remain engaged with the firm for decades, and for clients to always be assisted by the same professionals, who have a historical knowledge of the activities of the companies and individuals advised by the firm. Our aim is to build and maintain long term relationships with clients.

We practice law in a multidisciplinary team, involving different areas and specializations for a holistic view of the client, which guarantees complete solutions to their diverse needs.

With a significant number of professors, doctors, masters and post-graduates from the best universities in Brazil and abroad, our structure balances flexibility and competence ranging from the most complex work to the day-to-day demands of our clients. The goal is and always will be client satisfaction, with the provision of efficient and high quality legal services and personalized attention.

With three decades of existence, our firm remains true to its values and the trust placed in it by its clients.

Tailor-made teams with a versatile and interdisciplinary approach

Huck Otranto Camargo relies on the solid background and constant improvement of its partners as the source of the quality of its services.

The firm does not make size a starting or ending point. Its size seeks to balance flexibility and competence for complex work with the maintenance of quality and personalized service, based on a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each client and each case.

Our values go far beyond practicing law ethically, fairly and transparently. Our lawyers carry the culture of being close to their clients and committed to their needs, delivering technical solutions adapted to a variety of cases, from the most ordinary to the most complex, and above all creative.