History and Identity


Huck Otranto Camargo was founded in 1993 by lawyers with long academic and professional experience and many years of joint services and professional relationship, which include Fabio de Campos Lilla, Hermes Marcelo Huck, Raquel Maria Sarno Otranto Colangelo and Estela Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo.

Both the founders and members who joined the law firm in subsequent years are known for their dedication, willingness to work hard, thorough provision of services, and intellectual involvement in law, both in theory and practice.

The law firm has a significant number of professors, doctors, masters and postgraduates, with diplomas awarded by the best universities in Brazil and abroad.

Trainees are selected only from the most traditional and reputable schools, and we favor organic growth, allowing for greater cohesion and permanence of the law firm culture. Most members have joined Huck Otranto Camargo since their internships.

Tailored teams with versatile and interdisciplinary performance

Huck Otranto Camargo relies on the solid training and constant improvement of its members as a source of the quality of its services.

Team advocacy is practiced as a team sport in which each one acts individually and in coordination with the team. This organization favors the formation of interdisciplinary teams, aligned to deliver comprehensive and effective results, in operations of all levels of complexity, involving different areas and specializations.

The firm does not make its size a point of departure or arrival. Its size is rather meant to balance flexibility and competence for complex work with quality and personalized service, based on a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each client and each case.


Huck Otranto Camargo works in the main areas of law, with emphasis on litigation and arbitration, corporate, contractual, tax, real estate, labor, entertainment, media, technology, internet and sports, intellectual property, family and inheritance, bankruptcy and administrative law.

Under its own management model, the law firm has an original career plan in tune with the entrepreneurial spirit of its members since the moment they join the firm.

Trainees are treated as potential members. Their training aims to progressively engage them in all stages of a case, from research to defining and performing the most appropriate strategy. The organization of teams and sectors allows trainees to have contact with lawyers from other areas, enabling them to identify their area of interest. The aim is to provide everyone with the chance for intensive learning to complement their university studies and prepare them professionally for new challenges and responsibilities.


Areas of interest

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